Cruise and Coach World Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

Cruise and Coach World Pty Ltd is a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents [AFTA] and is ATAS Accredited.               

The Cruise and Coach World website has gathered information from Supplier’s and Wholesaler’s websites. Cruise and Coach World cannot independently verify the accuracy of our Suppliers and Wholesalers website information and we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness.

Cruise and Coach World is not responsible for Suppliers, Wholesalers or their local operators for their failure to provide the advertised services, operate to their scheduled itineraries, or fulfill their commitments and contracts. All of the advertised information is subject to change at any time without notice.

The client is subject to the terms and conditions of the Supplier or Wholesaler of the Tour or Cruise that has been selected as well as the following terms and conditions of Cruise and Coach World.

Pricing & Payments

The pricing and dates on this website are subject to change at any time without notice. All prices provided on the Cruise and Coach World website are in Australian Dollars per person unless otherwise specified and may not include taxes, fees, or airport charges. Payment has not been made until it is received by Cruise and Coach World. In the case of invoicing errors, Cruise and Coach World reserves the right to re-invoice at any time.


As soon as you receive your documentation please check it carefully and advise Cruise and Coach World immediately if there is any incorrect information.

Whilst we will make every effort to fix any errors we cannot be held liable if errors are not advised to Cruise and Coach World within 21 days of you receiving your documentation.

You are responsible for ensuring that all necessary travel documents including, but not limited to, passports, visas and vaccination certificates are valid and up to date. We strongly recommend that you check current documentation requirements and all other relevant protocols and procedures associated with your trip with your travel consultant. Please note requirements change and you must check with your Consulate for the most up to date information.

Passports must have an expiry date of at least six months after the completion of your trip.


Travel Insurance

Cruise and Coach World recommend that you take a full and comprehensive Travel Insurance policy and Cruise and Coach World recommend multiple Travel Insurance Companies, please see details on the website.



Limitation of Refunds: All airlines impose cancellation and change penalties up to 100% for many discount and pre-purchase tickets. All Tour Operators, Cruise Lines, and some Hotels impose cancellation and change penalties too. Please read the Terms and Conditions for the Operator/Supplier located on the Cruise and Coach World website.

Check your Documents and Itinerary: As soon as you receive your itinerary and travel documents, check them thoroughly to make sure they have the correct names, itinerary dates, times, fares and rates. Names must agree with those on your passports.

Delays: Flight delays can happen at any time. If your flight is delayed for any reason, the airlines are not required to pay for any expenses you may incur, such as meals, hotels, transfers, taxis or phone calls.

Reconfirmation of Flights: You are not required to re-confirm your flights prior to departure but as schedule changes are quite common, we advise you to re-check your flight times prior to departure and prior to your return flight.

Package Trips: If you book a trip, we must collect the Tour Operator's or Cruise Line's deposit when reservations are made. The amount of the deposit, the cancellation and refund policies vary according to the Tour Operator’s or Cruise line’s Terms and Conditions. We will give you the most accurate information possible for each Operator/Supplier. Cruise and Coach’s role is to facilitate the booking for you.

Final Payment: For all Tours and Cruises you must have made all required payments before we release your tickets or documents.

Flight Reservations: If you are booking your own flights, please do not confirm or ticket them until you have been advised by Cruise and Coach World that your Tour or Cruise has been confirmed AND we notify you that your Tour or Cruise departure date has been confirmed as a Guaranteed Departure by the Operator/Supplier.

Responsibilities and Restrictions

Cruise and Coach World is not responsible for any typographical errors, incorrect pricing or price changes or offer withdrawals listed on this website or any content of a travel booking.

Modification of Terms

Cruise and Coach World reserves the right to alter, modify, add or remove any portion of these terms and conditions at any time, without notice, and at our discretion. You may check these terms and conditions at any time for changes. Your continued custom of Cruise and Coach World subsequent to the revisions of these terms means you accept those changes. You are advised to review the terms and conditions and other policies posted on Cruise and Coach World website for potential changes when you return to this site to visit or to transact any business.